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A b o u t  M o e b i u s

Moebius is a powerful alliance to help your company meet and exceed your needs.  Through our integrated development and launch process, lean mentality and attention to detail, we understand how to take your product to timely implementation while keeping quality as a top priority. With its experience in the medical and aerospace industries',  Moebius offers high precision CNC Multi-axis Machining, Mirror Finish Polishing, UT Cleaning, Passivation, Laser Marking and Blasting all upheld to the high quality Moebius standard our Customers have come to expect.
Our Company

Moebius was founded in 2007 by two automotive engineers with a goal to set a new global standard in cost effective manufacturing solutions while still keeping quality at its highest.  As a contract machining manufacturer for medical and aerospace devices, Moebius focuses on the innovation of technology while creating a team of great people with strong values.  Our can do attitude and relentless pursuit for customer satisfaction gives us the drive that our customers expect when entrusting us with their projects.  While continously striving to be the best of the best, we offer our customers precision multi-axis CNC machining coupled with high surface finishing capabilities.

Quality Control

Our Quality Team and passionate, experienced Process Inspectors ensure that quality occurs at the source and meet all dimensional, cosmetic and documentation requirements.. 

Certifications and Standards

Moebius is a ISO13485:2016, AS9100:2009D, and ISO9001:2015 certified facility.  We are registered with ASR, an ANAB accredited registrar.  Ask to see our certifications.

ASR Logo Medium.JPG
Process Control

Moebius prides itself in its highly developed and well thought out process and quality control systems.  Our Project Managers, Production Planners and Schedulers, Launch Coordinators and Logistics Team ensures projects keep moving to maintain communication on status with the Customer and meet expected timelines.  

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