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Manufacturing today is a highly controlled business, requiring not only strong technical capability and quality control processes, but a good understanding of process control, lean systems, regulatory requirements, material controls, good documentation methodology, project management and communication. Moebius is committed to ensuring that your product will be manufactured with a thorough understanding of your needs and the expectation of the product.  As a leading manufacturer of medical implants and aerospace landing gear, we are knowledgeable in validation requirements and FDA regulatory requirements.  With our strong engineering expertise, Moebius has earned a reputation for meeting complex product needs while having the technical capability to not only understand how to meet your objectives, but help support them as well.

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8 Axis Machining is our specialty.  Eliminate multiple machining operations and unnecessary setups while improving dimensional control on complex components.  Call us today for a review and quote!

The sky is the limit

Moebius is a fully AS9100 certified facility specializing in engine components and landing gear.  Call us today to get a quote!

At Moebius, our mission is to meet the demands of our customers through our Pyramid of Excellence; Quality, Service and Price.

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